Only a Surfer Knows the Feeling?

The way things are going, Kelly Slater’s Pro Surfer may prove otherwise.

A few months ago SURFER published an article detailing the impact Kelly Slater’s Pro Surfer video game might have on the surfing world if the game received critical acclaim and popularity from the gaming community as a whole. SURFER theorized that if the game was as popular as Tony Hawk’s lauded game, it would do what has alluded Hollywood filmmakers, artificial wave-makers, and other game manufacturers alike: bring the same surfing experience to everyone from the skateboarding grom to the mid-western cornhusker. Today, with the game’s release and the praises it has received, it looks like Slater’s game may become that illusive delivery agent to, not only spread the gospel of surfing, but to infuse passion and appreciation for surfing across the board. The sales of the game are yet to be determined, but as of now, hardcore gaming websites are raving about the best thing since Tony Hawk.

Check it out: