Laguna Beach Surfing Community Honors Ron Sizemore

Sizemore A Household Name In Local Surf Scene

The surf world is brimming with heroes and legends. Some are household names, recognizable to anyone who has picked up a surfboard.

Yet, many more pass under the radar of the greater surfing world, quietly making a name for themselves in their hometowns, pushing the limits of thr sport on a local level and occasionally testing the waters at big-name events before withdrawing to their staple breaks.

Ron Sizemore has spent the last several decades in the latter category. And on July 1, 2009, the Laguna Beach surfing community gave Sizemore the recognition he deserved for his contributions to the local surf scene.

When it comes to the annual Brooks Street Surf Contest in Laguna Beach, one would be hard pressed not to acknowledge the influence of Ron Sizemore, who, aside from Corky Smith, has competed at Brooks Street more often than any other.

Sizemore became a legend at Brooks Street for his critical take-offs, cunning competitiveness and long, deep-pocket rides all the way to Oak Street.

In 1961, Sizemore won the U.S. West Coast Surfing Championship by shooting the pilings of the Huntington Pier... backwards – a feat aired nationwide on ABC's Wide World of Sports.

To express their gratitude for Sizemore's contributions to surfing, the Brooks Street Surfing Association presented him with the last of a limited edition framed original print of the 2005 Brooks Street Surfing Contest poster art, signed by its creator and local surf artist Wolfgang Bloch. Original prints of the 2005 Brooks Street poster have become collector's items

Sizemore's fellow competitors originally intended to present him with the poster, from the 47th Annual Brooks Street Contest, at the post-contest awards ceremony in 2006. However, the Brooks Street Contest was postponed for three years due to poor surf conditions.

Unwilling to put it off another year, the Brooks Street crew decided it was high time that this waterman be recognized, and at a local restaurant in North Laguna, Sizemore’s cohorts gave him that honor.

Inevitably, after making the presentation, Southern California lit up with a strong south swell, providing ample waves for the 48th Annual Brooks Street Contest and ending its three-year hiatus.