"Must See" Surf Movies

THURSDAY AUGUST 22ND at 7:15PM A surf film double feature of SHELTER and 5th Symphony Document At Laguna South Coast Cinema


The Moonshine Conspiracy’s third and biggest project, “Shelter”, carries the spirit of Thicker Than Water and September Sessions, however it has a texture and vision all it’s own.

Surfers featured include the likes of Machado and Dorian but the film also hosts the surfing and thoughts from people such as Joel Tudor, Nat Young, Mick Fanning, Malia Jones, and many more. There is even an unconfirmed sighting of Ben Harper in an early cut of the film.

The all-original score for the project is being headed by Joachim Cooder (from the Grammy winning documentary the “Buena Vista Social Club”) and is turning out to be an eclectic piece of art on it’s own. We can only imagine the various artists he has in store for the ever-changing mood of the film.

As far as surfing goes, there are over thirty hours of footage that according to Brad Gerlach is “the best surfing I’ve ever seen”.

Starring: Rob Machado, Taylor Knox, Joel Tudor, Mick Fanning, Dean Morrison, Jack Johnson, The Malloys, Kelly Slater, Conan Hayes, Nathan Webster, Nat Young, Hans Hagen, Joe Curren, Mike Todd, Pascal Stansfeild, Brad Gerlach, Ben Bourgeois,Donavon F, Ross Williams, Brit Caillouette, Shane Dorian, Malia Jones, Jon Swift,and Luke Stedman. Featuring music by: Joachim Cooder, Sunny Levine, Mason Jennings, The Shins, Karl Denson, AIR, White Buffalo, Eugene Blackwell and The New Breed, The Meters, Mike Doughty, Honeyboy Edwards, Morgan Alstot, Bobby Watley, Jon Swift, Ferni Apodaca, Todd Hannigan, Chad Faran, Chris McGreal and Rob Machado



Synopsis: A movie about surfers and a rediscovery of the wandering spirit of surf film making, the 5th Symphony Document takes us on a soulful journey around the world to capture the very essence of surfing and the people who love it .

Starring: Shane Dorian, Ben Brough, Conan Hayes, Mikala Jones, Greg Browning, Kelly Slater, CJ Kanuha, Rob Machado, Darieus Legg, Justin Souter, Maz Quinn, Jason Bennet, Jeremy Heit, Kassia Meador, Tom Carroll, Ross Williams, Joe Curren, Tom Curren

Locations: New Zealand, Australia, United States, California, Hawaii, Mexico

Directed by: Andy Carlson and Chad Campbell

Thursday August 29…7pm-9pm- LOOSE CHANGE

With a decidedly comedic approach Loose Change takes on the age old question”what would a pro surfer be doing if he didn’t surf?”

In between the surfing segments, viewers follow Rob Machado as “the slacker” traveling around his home town looking for work. On his way, he meets up with today’s best surfers as their non-surfing counterparts. The acting is hilarious and the surfing is off the scale.

Starring: Rob Machado, Shane Dorian, Kelly Slater, Taylor Knox, Tim Curran, Dan Malloy, Chris Malloy, Keith Malloy, Kalani Rob, Conan Hayes, Bruce Irons, and Taj Burrow

Featuring music by: Jack Johnson, Blink 182, Pennywise, Sprung Monkey, Pivit, Furious IV, Los Infernos, Flogging Molly, Double Drive, The Scotch Greens, Rocket From The Crypt, Supersuckers

Locations: Mentawaiis, Hawaii, Mexico, Australia, France, Reunion Island

Awards won: Best Movie by ASL Australia (readers voted) 2001 AND 46% Groms keepit in the VCR

“Loose Change spends more time in grommet’s VCRs than Al Bundy’s hand spends in his pants… this flick offers the same edgy … music [and] … the most progressive and stylish surfers on earth.” –Surfer Magazine

And a very Special addition to the Surf Culture film festival Thursday, August 29th at Laguna South Coast Cinemas: 7:15pm $10 admission for the double feature PREMIERE SCREENING EVENT

As profiled in this month’s Surfer magazine!


The first video release by this 21 year old Huntington Beach surf andcinematography talent…Join in every surfer’s dream quest for the perfectunridden wave with Timmy Turner, Huntington Beach local kid gone internationalsurf adventurer, and his crew of top notch surf talent including his brother RyanTurner, Mikala Jones, Rory Parker, Rizal Tanjung, Jason Bogal, Travis Potter,Brett Schwartz and Tory Barron. Also meet local friends Tipi and Bol who join infor some comic antics.

Timmy Turner has spent the past few years getting to know the Indonesian islands,its culture and its people. Timmy and his crew are inspired to go places no othersurfers have been in search of the perfect wave. They are open to enduringisolation, danger, and western comforts to explore the unique cultural andecological treasures these islands have to offer. The Ombak combines adventure,great surfing and camaraderie among friends with the pure beauty of Indonesia.

This film will screen in addition to Loose Change by Taylor Steele.

The double feature begins at 7:15. Be there!