Laird Hamilton Urges President Obama to Reinstate Off Shore Drilling Moratorium

In a recent online video posted by the Surfrider Foundation, Laird Hamilton is urging the Obama Administration to reinstate a federal moratorium on off shore oil drilling in the Gulf of Mexico. In the weeks following the spill, the administration issued a six-month hold on drilling in the Gulf, hoping to prevent another explosion and subsequent leak as a result of faulty equipment. The moratorium was subsequently blocked with an injunction by a federal judge in New Orleans, citing the potential economic pitfalls of instilling a hold on drilling.

According to a press release from the Surfrider Foundation, the goal of the video was “to increase awareness about the situation in the Gulf of Mexico and encourage people to take action by writing the President and other elected officials asking them to reinstate the moratorium on offshore oil drilling.”

Hamilton, who has been to the Gulf and seen the disaster first-hand, added that “…this tragic and devastating spill in the Gulf of Mexico is sickening proof that off shore drilling is not the answer.”

Although the prospect of another spill is downright nauseating, cutting jobs in the already hard-hit region as a result of the moratorium is equally painful, giving this issue all of the attributes of a conundrum.