QUIKSILVER CUP 2005: LA Game Week Wrap-ups

April 18th, 2005, Leo Carillo State Beach, Los Angeles – The Los Angeles Arc
Angels made NSL history today defeating the talent stacked Ventura Pelicanos
for their very first win in Game 4 of the 2005 Quiksilver California Cup Arc
Angels Series. The new expansion team for the 2005 season raised their arms
in jubilation after leading the Pelicanos throughout the 4 quarters with a
final score of LA: 103 to VC: 93.75.

Wave conditions had improved today for Game 4 with wave conditions head high
to overhead. The Arc Angels were fired up for a win today as they have had
3 straight loses at home and a devastating first loss by 20 points to Santa
Cruz during the Stormriders Series at Steamer Lane last week. One glance
at the Ventura Pelicanos roster would intimidate any world class surfer
which included the legendary Tom Curren, top 44 Timmy Curran, Dan Malloy
along with a diverse contingent of wave specialists. Two former Ventura
coaches, Brian Aresco and Sean Hayes from the 2004 season are also members
of the official team roster. “It feels great to be in the lineup, all last
year I was itching and scratching and now I’m surfing” says the former
Ventura assistant coach Brian Aresco. After careful consideration, Arc
Angels Coach Lamm opted for the Pelicanos to surf first in the top of the
first quarter. Ventura’s first quarter group included Tim Curran, Blake
Howard, Hank Mills and Brian Aresco. Pelicanos Coach Davey Smith’s initial
strategy was to utilize goofy footed players on Leo Carillo’s long right
hander wave. Curran’s first wave of 5.75 indicated that today’s sets were
sectioning off slightly more than in previous days, making wave selection
even more crucial in Game 4. Hank Mills’s 6.5 was the highest score of the
quarter as the group struggled to find their rhythm. Coach Smith made the
decision to substitute Blake Howard with Adam Virs and Pete Musio for Brian
Aresco. Neither sub could better the scores as wave conditions presented
long lulls despite the usage of two time outs. Ventura ended their first
quarter drive with a meager 19.25, the lowest quarter score in the entire
Los Angeles Arc Angel series. Subsequently the opportunity was knocking
loudly in the LA dugout as Coach Lamm and Wasilewski instructed over water
radios to first quarter group Jordan Tappis, Brendan Hearne, Steven Lippman
and Pascal Stansfield to go all out. Stansfield kept tight in the pocket of
the wave with 5 impressive backside snaps scoring a 6.75 for his first wave
while Tappis, Hearne and Lippman struggled to post anything over 3.5. Colin
Giles substituted Lippman improving the score to a 3.75. Jim O’Brien, who
had sat for most of the Arc Angel series on the bench, took over for Giles
as a sub to score a 5.5. Tappis’ later scored a 7.75 after three wave
attempts with tweaked floater followed by a big fin free off the top while
emerging out of the whitewater. LA’s first quarter of 25.75 took advantage
of Ventura’s low first quarter score of 19.25, with a leading margin of 6.5

In the second quarter, Ventura’s power broker group included Tom Curren,
Keoni Cuccia, Sean Hayes and Jeremy Ryan. Curren’s first three waves were
all under 5.5 but it was on his fourth wave of 8.75 where all those years
surfing right points shined through with amazing rhythm and precision on
each turn. Not only was the Pelicanos bench cheering and applauding, but the
LA bench was equally as stoked to witness the master surf. Announcer Sal
Masekela humored the crowd as Curren acknowledged Masekela’s encouragement
to pull an aerial, only to fall after each valiant attempt. Former head
coach of Ventura, Sean Hayes was substituted by Kellen Ellison who did not
improve on Hayes’ score. The group struggled as a whole to post the
numbers, however the Pelicanos were able to get in the 20 point range with a
quarter score of 21.25 and a cumulative running score of 40.5. The LA Arc
Angels set out on the bottom of the 2nd quarter wide eyed as the damage
inflicted to Ventura could continue from the 1st quarter with a successful
score. Shaun Burrell immediately put the heat on with a 6.5 followed by an
improvement of 7.0 score. Alex Grey also pushed hard with a 6.25 while
Justin Swartz substituted for Greg Browning posting a 4.25 along with Yves
Bright’s 5.25 prior to be substituted by Bron Heussenstamm. The Arc Angels’
second quarter amounted to a 23 quarter score and a 48.75 cumulative running
score, an incredible 8.25 lead over Ventura.

During half time, Ventura Coach Smith pumped up the Pelicanos’ 3rd quarter
group to stay focused and wait for the right waves. Tim Curran immediately
attacked all opportunities that came his way, scoring 6.5 onward to a
stellar 8.0 score clearing a 30 yard section on the biggest set of the day.
Adam Virs substituted Blake Howard and came through with a strong 6.75 while
Hank Mills pulled a 6.25 and Musio came through with a 5.25. Ventura’s 3rd
quarter 26.25 sent a message to LA that the Arc Angels were not guaranteed a
win on Sunday. LA’s bottom of the 3rd quarter had a flurry of waves with
scores no less than 5.5 for each surfer. Jim O’Brien found the golden
nugget with an explosive 7.25 score that showcased the South bay local’s 2
big cutbacks followed by a massive floater and aggressive lip smack.
Pascal Stansfield’s 8.0 had the entire crowd raise their arms with two huge
vertical hits on the outside and four well linked hits on the inside. “I had
a 3.0 and then I heard Sal [Masekela] just rousting me and when I got up I
said to myself I can’t fall”, explained Stansfield. LA again continued
their domination over Ventura with a 3rd quarter score of 26.50 cumulative
score of 75.25 and an 8.5 lead over the Pelicanos.

With all cylinders firing, the Pelicanos went all out in the first 4 minutes
of the 4th quarter with Tom Curren scoring an exceptional 8.25, Cuccia’s
incredibly drawn out bottom turns for a 7.0 and rookie Kellen Ellison’s
impressive 7.5. With 12:22 remaining and the first of 2 time outs called,
the focus was placed on Jeremy Ryan to put a score on the board. Ryan would
eventually score a 4.25 and dig deep for a wave that would give him an
opportunity to score anything over a 7.0, however Ryan was not able to
improve his score. At the end of the 4th quarter, the Pelicanos put in
solid effort for a quarter score of 27 and a cumulative score of 93.75. The
Los Angeles Arc Angels needed only an 18.75 to win the game as they entered
the bottom of the 4th quarter. Throughout the LA Arc Angels Game series, LA
had consistently scored over the 20 point mark, however anything can happen
in The Game. The local fans at this point had their fingers crossed for
their home town boys. Alex Grey immediately came out of the gates with a
7.0, followed by an 8.0 and later an unheard of 9.25 best wave score
replacing the previous strong scores in the quarter. At 6:31, Bron
Heussenstamm sat on a 4.0 with a broken fin, while Burrell was also sitting
on a low score of 3. In a miraculous set, arguably of the entire game week,
both Burrell and Heussenstamm caught waves scoring 7.5 and 6.5 respectfully
pushing the Los Angeles Arc Angels over the 18.75 benchmark to defeat the
Ventura Pelicanos with a final score of 103 (Q: 27.75) to VC’s 93.75.

In the Los Angeles dug out, Coach Mike Lamm was raised on the shoulders of
the team and let out a roar of elation. Arc Angels assistant coach Strider
Wasilewski said, “I’m just psyched, we wanted it all week, we knew we could
get one if we decided to put it together, we thought we were going to get a
win against OC and we didn’t get it and it’s so great to get it on the last
day of the LA series with the support of the LA fans”.

Thoughts from Greg Browning after being substituted, “The guys were leaning
on me to perform and I was probably the biggest let down, yet probably the
most proud guy on this team right now. We have a chance and this win helps
out with the morale, Coach Lamm and Strider did an amazing job leading us”.

Heavy scorer, Shaun Burrell said, “All week I really felt we had it in us to
win, just a lot of emotion and coming through under pressure and something
that I strive to be excellent at and those are the situations that I enjoy.”

The NSL is the sport of surfing’s equivalent of the NBA, MLB and NFL. NSL’s
mission is to build a unique surfing league dedicated to the pursuit of
surfing excellence and generating consumer awareness for the sport, while
creating a fun, competitive format for all types of surfers. The 2005
Quiksilver California Cup continues to stop number 3 at San Diego’s
Oceanside Beach for the San Diego Sea Lions Game Week, April 20th-24th.


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