Timmy Turner Situation

This is Jessica Turner, Timmy’s wife. I know that there are a lot of
things going around right now about Timmy’s condition, and with that
said I
just want to be the one to put it out there right.

Right now Timmy is in
the Neuro ICU. He is very heavily sedated for good reasoning, he started out about 2 weeks ago with headaches. He had no idea that it had turned into
a very serious sinus infection.

Last monday he and a couple of his friends decided to take the jet-ski down to Mexico to play. And it was here
where the doctors think that he could have gotten the staph. It took only two days before he had totally changed in his condition. He just looked different
and wasn’t acting like himself. His brother, Dad, and uncle forced him into the
car on Thursday and got him to the ER. Thank GOD for that because they
immediately started him on his antibiotics. They transfered him to another
hospital with more advanced care and it is here now where is is justshowing
signs of getting just a little bit better everyday.

On Saturday, the
told us that brain surgery was the only option. They removed a piece of the
left side of his skull to relieve the pressure of his brain swelling. He is
not yet in stable condition, which means that he is still serious. It is hour by hour and then day by day.

We were told to expect a month long
sedation period and a very long and extensive road to recovery after that. We don’t know the extent of the brain injury yet, that will come with
lots and lots of time.

We all need to be patient and that is a hard
thing to
be considering how much we all love and care for Timmy. Tomorrow is
day and I THANK GOD FOR THAT! He has age, health, and strong will on his side. And we have seen baby steps from him last last couple of days, and that is what we are holding onto.

Prayer is needed so badly. Thank you for caring and just
praying, PLEASE! His LOVING Wife & Family

We are working on a website right now, http://www.timmyturner.org, it should be
and running soon to keep everyone updated on Timmy’s recovery.

please respect our privacy. And THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts
all your prayers.