Lessons From A Backyard Adventure

Kimball Taylor and JP Van Swae decide to rough it for their Southern California staycation. Photo: Van Swae

SURFER Senior Editor Kimball Taylor and SURFER Assistant Photo Editor JP Van Swae spent the night camping together, in one small tent, on the beach at a Southern California surf spot. Here's are a few things they learned:

You're camping at this spot because you love it.

But you may have to break the law to do so.

This presents problems.

Beware, the bushes are full of people.

You're just as likely to spook someone, as you are of being spooked.

More than three illegal campsites together is called a slum.

The negatives of not being able to blare music or light a campfire are balanced by the thrill successfully evading lifeguards, park rangers, military and security personnel.

Good places to hide an encampment are also good places for surfers to shit.

Tics have lime disease, hobos have knives, and your camping partner has crabs.

So, this isn't boy scouts, grown men need to bring their own fricken tents.

One of you better bring a shovel.

In the lineup, there's a quite confidence in knowing that you're not a commuter.

But camping at your favorite spot can net you exactly zero additional waves.

And it's a slippery slope, camping at your spot makes you something very close to a bum.

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