Live from the SURFER House…Sort of

Pipeline, here we come. Photo: Childs

Pipeline, here we come. Photo: Childs

Well, we’re not there yet, at least physically.

But we’ve got our plane tickets booked and our step-ups packed, and very shortly we’ll be out of the flourescent cubicles of SURFER’S San Juan Capistrano office and into the madness that is winter on the North Shore. And once we’re there, we’ll be giving you updates around the clock. Unless we’re surfing, of course.

So starting December 1st look for on-site updates documenting the race for World Tour Qualification (an early congratulations to Jay Bottle Thompson and Nate Yeomans who qualified for the 2010 Dream Tour yesterday at the REEF Hawaiian Pro), the explosive combination of way too many people on a sacred stretch of coast, and the 2009 ASP World Title. The Mick and Joel showdown.

There’s plenty to get excited about…so stay tuned.

Zach Weisberg, Online Editor