With an idealic palm tree backdrop, seering summer sun, and local island music playing in the background, the second day of China’s 6th Annual Wahine Classic continued at Kuhio Beach, Waikiki today, with local talent dominating proceedings to win all but one of the age division finals.

Presented by Rip Curl Girl the event was a true gathering of the local community and celebration of Hawaiian culture, with competitors revelling in extremely fun and clean 1-2 feet waves at Queens Reef.

Can your average surfing contest, the event was fun and aspirational, giving girls of all ages and from all walks of life the opportunity to perform without the pressures of standard cut throat competition. Every girl today walked away a winner.

“This event is for all the girl contestants and Rip Curl Girl is stoked to support China’s Wahine Classic and women’s surfing. It’s a great event for the local Hawaiian community with a fantastic cause for charity”, said Rip Curl USA President Leigh Tonai at the awards ceremony.

Humble as always China paid tribute to everyone for their help and support, “I love this event ’cause it helps alot of people out. It gives the kids a chance and it helps the Kapiolani Hospital for women”, he said in awarding the 70 odd trophies to all contestants.

Final results in all the age divisions were as follows :

Shortboard Women
1. Jodi Young (Haleiwa)
2. Joan Fukumoto (Kailua)
3. Sandy Chang (Kaneohe)
4. Chieko Sakamoto (Honolulu)

Shortboard Girls Final
1. Jacqueline de silva (Brazil)
2. Miku Uemura (Makaha)
3. Bonnie Hoover (Honolulu)
4. Tina Handley (Kailua)

Shortboard Junior Girls Final
1. Bethany Hamilton (Kauai)
2. Jessi Milie Dyer (Australia)
3. Amy Lawson (Honolulu)
4. Katherine Van Dyke (Waihiwa)

Shortboard Pee Wees Final
1. Ashley Hunter (Hauula)
2. Ashley Asing (Kapolei)
3. Erika Steiner (Big Island)
4. Vanessa Martinez (Kauai)

Kapunas Final
1. Jeannie Chesser (Honolulu)
2. Suzanne Walker (Honolulu)
3. Claudia Kravitz (Waikele)
4. Haze wentling (Waianae)

Longboard Girls Final
1. Tyra Freitas (Kailua)
2. Tiare Thomas (Honolulu)
3. Tina Handley (Kaneohe)
4. Mike Uemura (Waianae)

Longboard Junior Girls Final
1. Geodee Clark (Honolulu)
2. Mio Uemura (Makaha)
3. Amy Lawson (Honolulu)
4. Lauren Taylor (Hanalei)

Longboard Pee Wee Final
1. Megan Godinez (Kaneohe)
2. Ashely Hunter (Hauula)
3. Vanessa Martinez (Hanalei)
4. Ashley Asing (Kapolei)

Longboard Women Final> >
1. Doreen Teramae (Honolulu)
2. Char Iida (Honolulu)
3. Joan Fukumoto (Kailua)
4. Livia Nahina (Honolulu)

Longboard Menehune Final
1. Bethany Hamilton (Kauai)
2. Noelle Carroll (Haleiwa)
3. Kristen steiner (Big Island)
4. Rosie Jaffurs (Waikele)

Longboard Senior Women Final
1. Pinoi Makalena (Honolulu)
2. Melissa Ling (Honolulu)
3. Dyanne Taylor (Kaneohe)
4. Lee Barraclough (Honolulu)

Bodyboard Junior Girls Final
1. Miya Yamaoka (Honolulu)
2. Mio Uemera (Waianae)
3. Chasity bernabe (Kailua)
4. Lianne Chang remular (Aeia)

Bodyboard Pee Wee Final
1. Maili Enos Branigan (Waianae)
2. Jenna Frowein (Kaneohe)
3. Ashley Hunter (Hauula)
4. Megan Godinez (Kaneohe)

Bodyboard Women Final
1. Sandy Chang (Kaneohe)
2. Joaqn Fukumoto (Kailua)
3. Gwen Mole (Honolulu)
4. Aimee Rice (Honolulu)

In total, two hundred and twenty competitors from four continents participated in the two day event, which has now grown to become the single biggest girl’s surf contest in Hawaii, and one of the biggest in the world.

All proceeds raised went to the Kapiolani Hospital Sex Abuse Treatment Centre for Women. The event has contributed tens of thousands of dollars to the clinic over the past few years.

Rip Curl Girl is the female sub brand of Rip Curl, with it’s American operations based in Carlsbad, southern California. Rip Curl Girl is characterised by technical fabrics and fashion forward edgey products.

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