LOST 5' 5" 19 1/4 Premiere at Catalyst Surf Shop

The 5′ 5″ and 1/4 Redux movie premiere went off this last Friday at the Catalyst, …LOST headquarters in San Clemente. Slater returned to the probably the only shop to ever be kicked out of (17 years ago before he won Lowers he wanted a ding repair and the drunk then-owner booted him – but then repaired it the next day). Shetler built the stage where the Scrid Hunters played traditional punk rock for all in attendance.

The local hoodlums, many groms and their unsuspecting parents, even 9 time World Champions were in the house. That’s right. Kelly Slater was there to check out the 5’5″ Redux premiere. Wait till you see the footage of Sl9ter surfing at RCs and Frisco Pier when he was just all of 14 years old.
I heard him chuckling a few different times. Think he was hanging out with Jason Miller and Pops Miller. Good to see him psyched about his section.

The next section was all about the groms. Kolohe Andino has such a technical style and Luke Davis who has style for years.

About 180-200 people who came out to celebrate the 5’5″ x 19.1/4 Redux. Even local shredders like Christian Wach, Chris Ward and daughter Malia were in attendance.