Photo: ASP/Robertson

Makua Rothman commits, to the drop in Peru and to a music tour and to his new daughter Hikinalia. Photo: ASP/Robertson

With the birth of his daughter and his first Big Wave World Tour win in Peru, July has been good to Makua Rothman. Below, Rothman opens up about balancing fatherhood, big-wave surfing, music, and personal growth.

So, big week. Between your win in Peru and the birth of your daughter, you must be feeling alright.

Oh yeah! I'm so stoked right now. I'm really happy. The win was amazing but the birth of my daughter was the big thing! Ten fingers and 10 toes. She's healthy, my girl's healthy. It's really perfect. I really couldn't be happier right now.

OK, first let's talk about the win in Peru. Walk us through the event.

Yeah, there were great vibes throughout the whole contest and the Final. It was a really friendly atmosphere. I love the criteria for the event. It's not like the XXL where you just have to stand up to get credit. You have to actually ride the wave all the way through the channel, and I think that's important. You can't just commit to a big one and eat it and get scored well. You have to actually ride the wave all the way through and get through the different sections. So the format was epic. I'm really proud of myself. I've been in the gym a lot training and getting focused and I think that played a big part. I was really pushing myself before the event, and it paid off. Plus, this was also huge for me:  my girlfriend was really supportive about me traveling just after the baby was born. She told me that this was my dream, and that you have to go and do it. So having that peace of mind and knowing that my family was behind me…that made it a lot easier to just focus.

Are you going to be doing the BWWT full-on now? 

I'm hoping to. I was entered into the last event as a wildcard, but hopefully with my win we can work something out where I can get on the Tour and do all of the events.

Then there’s the baby girl.

Oh man. I don't know what to say except that it's an amazing feeling. Her name is Hikinalia. There's nothing that can compare to the feeling of having a child. Winning a big contest is great, but having a child is amazing. It's on another level.

What's the latest on your music?

That's going really well, too. I'm about to head out on a tour in August. I'll be playing with Matisyahu and we'll be touring throughout Canada and North America. So lots of great things in the works.

Any other plans for the near future?

Well, for the immediate future, I'm actually at the Arnette Cash contest right now at Ala Moana Bowls. So hopefully I can make some money and buy some diapers. But more than that, I'm just focusing on being the best person I can be. I've messed up in the past but that's not what I want to be doing in the future. I'm feeling really good and just want to keep that going. I want to just keep growing as a person.