Malia Sounds Off

And for good reason

(See the exchange at 20:45)

It should come as no surprise that, from time to time, World Tour competitors and World Tour judges don’t always see eye to eye. We’ve seen muffins thrown (Sunny, the ’90s) and scaffoldings stormed (Jeremy Flores, in July), but rarely have we seen a surfer vent their frustrations in a more eloquent manner than what Malia Manuel posted on her Instagram account after a controversial loss to Pauline Ado yesterday at Lowers.

In their Round 2 matchup, Malia took on French surfer Pauline Ado. From a betting man’s perspective, Malia had the edge going in. It was a close heat, no doubt, but we couldn’t help but think that Malia’s second scoring wave, which came in at a 7.6, was underscored. Apparently, Malia agreed, sounding off in her post-heat interview and posting the following message on her Insta:

“Spent the last 10 years focusing on my form, technique, power, & flow in contests; Wish the judges could recognize the difference between using your Rail & Proper Technique VS. flatter, horizontal surfing. Open Shoulders VS. Closed Shoulders. Thanks to @asp & @Hurley for believing in the Women & letting us showcase our surfing on the open canvas of Lower Trestles. ALOHA”

What do you think? Was Malia underscored or did Pauline get the score?