MaliBLUE Event Raises Environmental Awareness At Malibu

Malibu Pier erupted with philanthropic energy last Sunday, April 26th, as the Surfrider Foundation and EmergenC Blue hosted the inaugural MaliBLUE art and music festival to provide a fun, educational backdrop for supporters to learn about the health of our oceans.

The vibe on the newly renovated Malibu pier was fun and relaxed, as celebrities, musicians, artists, and members of the community came out to show their support for the mutual goal of saving our precious California beaches.

According to Darren Schwartz of the Surfrider Foundation, "We're trying to get people to understand what's going on in Malibu. We have a huge waste water treatment problem that the city says they don't have the money to solve. This event is great, because it raises public awareness about what the state of Malibu's beaches are right now. Our beaches have received an F rating for the past six years, and it's not going to get better if people don't get involved."

"The reason I moved to this area is because of the beach," said Marilee Sweeney, Task Force Director of the Surfrider Foundation. "It's multi-generational, and I hope to teach my kids how to surf in these waters one day, but I wouldn't feel comfortable with them in the waters of Malibu as of now."

The festival turned out to be a real family affair as Matthew McConaughey appeared with wife, Camilla, and their new baby, Levi for the festivities. Said McConaughey, "Malibu is God's biggest back yard and we should take care of it. We should all thank Surfrider for helping to protect our oceans. "

The festival also marked the launch of the new Emergen-C BLUE, which can be found at health food stores and Target retailers across the country. McConaughey said, "I do drink the Emergen-C especially before and after plane trips; with all the traveling it's really good to boost up the immune system."

The first in a series of philanthropic events, Emergen-C's Meghann Seidner explains, "Emergen-C is nothing without water, so Emergen-C has made a longstanding commitment to save our beaches and water."

Musical performers also included Trevor Hall, Mishka, Tyrone Wells, and Meiko. There were also custom designed surfboards by Tom Dumont of No Doubt, Chad Butler of Switchfoot, Eric Avery of Jane's Addiction, and Tristan Prettyman. As well as an art and photography auction with the likes of Grant Ellis, Jay Alders, John Severson, Drew Brophy, Heather Brown, Phil Roberts, Rick Rietveld, Ron Croci, and Wade Koniakowsky .

Overall, it was an educational and relaxing day at the MaliBlUE music and arts festival. With the help of community and celebrity support, hopefully we are one step closer to the imperative goal of cleaning up, and preserving one of our most precious collective resources – our beaches!