South African big-wave charger Matt Bromley is about as hard-core as surfers get. The 27-year-old slab slayer got his start in the contest arena, having a somewhat unsuccessful go at the ‘QS for a short bit. But over the years, he found himself unable to resist the gravitational pull of heavier and more hollow fare and started chasing down waves that look like giant deathtraps–like massive Mullaghmore, unruly Jaws, oversized Nias and any bottomless slab that normal surfers are meant to stay the hell away from. According to those interviewed in the video above, the hard-charging South African has an inherent knack for throwing himself over thick-lipped ledges and he’s not likely to stop any time soon. Press play to hear more about the Bromley’s career trajectory and what the future holds for the big-wave hellman.