It's been two years since the sort-of-annual big-wave event has run at Mavericks and, despite a promising forecast earlier in the week, and the contest being put on "Yellow Alert" status for Tuesday, Jan 16th, contest officials are calling it off for Tuesday, with hopes of swell filling in later in the week.

The weather is taking a turn in Northern California, with south winds forecast on Tuesday, conditions that tend to rip apart wave faces at Mavericks.

Another massive swell is forecast for Thursday, but, wouldn't you know it, so are rain and more south winds. After an extraordinarily dry early part of the winter, the rain is most welcome in California, but not for WSL execs in charge of pulling the (very expensive) trigger to call this unruly contest on.

"We still have the rest of January and all of February to get a better opportunity to run the Mavericks Challenge," said Big Wave World Tour Commish Mike Parsons. "[We] will continue to closely track the conditions to hopefully run this season.”

Probably for the best anyway, since many of the world's most fearless chargers are currently fearlessly charging at Jaws, and to endure the physical and emotional toll that takes, only to board a plane and do it all over again at freezing cold Mavericks two days later wouldn’t be easy.

Besides, it's already been two years since the last Maverick’s event. What's another few days? Or weeks? Or months?

Check back for updates.

[Top image: Now these are the kind of conditions we want to see at Mavericks for the event. Photo by Chachi]