Photo: Chachi
Photo: Chachi

MBK: Noah Wegrich

Waggy chooses which waves he’d marry, bang, and kill

Santa Cruz's Noah "Waggy" Wegrich is the sort of person who has nothing bad to say about anyone or anything. So, when we forced him to hypothetically choose which waves he would A) spend the rest of his life with; B) sample just once; and C) wipe clean off the earth, the first two were easy. But the third? It was like pulling teeth. He danced around the question, trying his hardest to give every wave in the world the benefit of the doubt. But finally, after a few minutes of scrolling through his mental rolodex, he landed on a place that really struck a nerve. Read on below.

Wide load, coming through. Photo: Chachi


It would have to be Skeleton Bay. I've never been there, but I dream about it every night, because it's absolutely perfect. I could live right there and surf that wave for the rest of my life and be totally content. There's not a better wave. It's sand-bottom, you don't get hurt, it can hold really big swell, it's the longest barrel I've seen anywhere, and even though it's not tall, it's really wide…[Long pause]…I don't know how else to talk about it, you know? That wave is just too good.

Hall & Oates put it right: she’s a Maneater. Photo: Chachi


Because if I tried to get married to Pipeline, I'd probably end up dead [Laughs]. It's the most beautiful, scary, serene, chaotic wave. It's the perfect storm. But it's still a storm. So if I could go out there and nail down that one wave, the one everyone who surfs there is always searching for, I'd be happy with that. I don't think I'd survive a few months out there, though [Laughs].

While you were busy snapping your profile pic, Padma standout Blerong Dharma Putra was busy doing this. Photo: Frieden


The number one reason is the crowd. The number two reason is it can get soooo dirty — when it rains, the water is disgusting. Number three: apart from the true locals, it's a bunch of yoga kids and people who want to rave their faces off and get plowed [Laughs]. Every guy thinks they're ripping, and every girl is an Instagram model, because it's super trendy and hip right now. So yeah, I’d rather go 10 miles down the beach and surf alone, or ride my scooter every morning for an hour and almost get killed on the road than ever try to surf Canggu again.