MBK: Yadin Nicol

The former 'CT’er chooses which waves he’d marry, bang, and kill

Yadin Nicol has sampled much of what the world has to offer, especially its waves. From his West Oz hometown to every stop on the ‘CT to his current residence in San Clemente, he's given most everything a try. So, if forced to choose, which waves would Yadin choose to A) spend the rest of his life with; B) try out just once; and C) banish from the face of the earth?


Nicol has North Point on lock, whether he’s stalling for the barrel or launching for giant airs. Photo: Frieden

"This one is tough because there isn't a world-class wave anywhere in the world consistent enough to surf at its best all the time. You get flat spells everywhere. So I'm choosing North Point, but assuming that it's always at least 4-foot [Laughs]. It just gives you a bit of everything. You get fun sections when it's small, the best ramps ever when it's medium and you can still surf it when it's blowing really hard onshore. Every mood is different but it's pretty much always fun. And when it's on, like at 8-foot and up, it turns into a slab pointbreak and is the best wave ever."


Life’s like a steppy tow-in day at Chopes: You never know what you’re gonna get. Photo: Thouard

"I'm gonna go with massive Teahupo'o, because it would be so fun to get flung into one of those waves one time. Not twice, but that's the whole point, right? [Laughs] Getting whipped into one of those lumps and not knowing what you're getting pulled into…it would be thrilling to sort of accidentally ride one of the biggest Chopes waves ever. It'd be totally different to paddling, where you have to actually get in position to catch a crazy wave. The thrill in towing Chopes would be in having no idea what you're about to get yourself into."


Missing: hundreds of comp groms. Also missing: Yadin.

"That little inside-rock, rip bowl at Merewether. It's the worst. And I guess you could say that about a bunch of shitty beachbreaks. You could heap them all into one. Manly, Rio…so it's nothing against Merewether in particular, it's just that I never want to surf that little rock shelf wave again, because it's an absolute pile. I've done comps there and I've seriously never caught a wave over knee-high."