Photo: Bielmann

Tatiana Weston-Webb sending it at Teahupoo and kickstarting a campaign to get Tahiti on their schedule. Photo: Body Glove

Right now on the Gold Coast, the Top 17 female surfers in the world wait with bated breath for the call at the Roxy Pro. Among them, three of the girls may be a bit more nervous than the rest. The Women’s World Tour welcomes a trio of new faces to the lineup this year, one a rookie with lofty ambitions and two returners with something to prove. The Top 17 has arguably never been in better shape, and these three ladies promise to be a big part of this continued progression of women in the water.


The lone true first-timer in the Top 17, Tatiana Weston-Webb is coming in hot. She got a taste of the Tour in 2014, filling in as an injury alternate three times and making it past Round 2 in each event. Weston-Webb is the latest lady-export out of Kauai, and brings some big-wave prowess with her into a Tour recently injected with some juice after the addition of Fiji and Maui to the schedule. Look for Tatiana Double-Dubya to make some noise on Tour this year.


The walkabout is over, Sage Erickson has returned after a year to the Women’s World Tour. The California native was bounced out of the Top 17 in 2013 after a string of poor results, but responded to the adversity with a qualifying run in 2014 that got her up to third overall in the QS rankings. Last time she surfed in a CT the WSL was still happily the ASP, but it shouldn’t take long for her to get used to the new logo and compete with the best.


Your Women’s QS No. 1 in 2014, Silvana Lima is back in one piece after blowing her knee out in 2012 and eventually falling off Tour a year later. Yes, she’s 28, and yes she first cracked onto the Women’s World Tour in 2006, but we’ll still consider her a fresh face because we’re so damn excited to have her back. Lima’s a contender, a fierce competitor with a propensity for slaying giants, so expect her to take out some top seeds around the world in 2015. Also, as far as we can tell, her main sponsor may be Snoop Dogg? Big ups for that.

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