Meet The Wildcards

Online voting determined the final four of sixteen 2013 O'Neill Coldwater Classic competitors

The view at The Lane that these four wildcards will now get to enjoy come Nov. 6. Photo: Lowe-White

The view at The Lane that these four wildcards will now get to enjoy come Nov. 6. Photo: Lowe-White

After a week of online voting, the four wildcards for the 2013 O'Neill Coldwater Classic have been determined. Quinn McCrystal garnered the most votes with 24 percent of the overall tally. Billy Hopkins, Andrew Jacobson, and Noi Kaulukukui rounded out the top four with 19, 17, and 15 percent of the votes, respectively.

Quinn McCrystal, 23, is from Huntington Beach but currently lives in Nantucket, Mass., where he works on a fishing boat. McCrystal was planning to save the money he earned fishing over the winter to compete on the WQS. Now he has the opportunity to earn an O'Neill sponsorship, as well as have them foot the bill for his contest plans. Billy Hopkins, also of Huntington, has never competed in a WQS event, but given his video submission, it looks like he should have no problem competing at The Lane. Andrew Jacobson, at 18 years old, will be the youngest surfer to compete come Nov. 6, as well as the sole goofyfooter to earn a spot via video submission. And in the feel-good story of the contest, Noi Kaulukukui, a 32-year-old Santa Cruz local that recently gave up on his dream of chasing the WQS, will now have a second chance after nabbing the final spot.


Quinn McCrystal

Billy Hopkins

Andrew Jacobson

Noi Kaulukukui

The O’Neill Coldwater Classic will run Nov. 6-10 with the following 16 man roster:

1. Andrew Jacobson, 18, Malibu, CA (public vote wildcard)
2. Noi Kaulukukui, 32, Santa Cruz, CA (public vote wildcard)
3. Billy Hopkins, 21, Huntington Beach, CA (public vote wildcard)
4. Quinn McCrystal, 23, Huntington Beach, CA (public vote wildcard)
5. Jeremy Johnston, 26, New Smyrna Beach, FL (O'Neill wildcard)
6. Shaun Burns, 21, Santa Cruz, CA (O'Neill wildcard)
7. Stu Kennedy, 23, AUS (invited)
8. Granger Larsen, 23, HAW (invited)
9. Wade Carmichael, 20, AUS (invited)
10. Torrey Meister, 25, HAW (invited)
11. Hank Gaskell, 27, HAW (invited)
12. Dion Atkinson, 27, AUS (invited)
13. Shaun Joubert, 22, ZAF (invited)
14. Ricardo Christie, 24, NZ (invited)
15. Chris Waring, 26, Huntington Beach, CA (invited)
16. Cory Arrambide, 24, Santa Barbara, CA (invited)