Crazy Weather and Earthquakes Can’t Stop 30th Annual North Shore Menehune Surfing Championships

The 30th Annual North Shore Menehune Surfing Championships was to be held October 14 and 15 at Haleiwa's Alii Beach Park. and the Saturday dawn patrol showed 4-6 foot perfection spinning from 'bathhouse rights' to the 'toilet bowl'. But many of the first surfers to hit the water for the pre-contest warm-up found the surf bigger and stronger than expected.

The event was a tentative go. And it got off to a rocky start with six foot plus suck out barrels, impending poor weather and a solid 6.6 earthquake that knocked out the power state wide. It was all event directors Skill Johnson and Co-director Ivy Bloomfield could do just keeping everyone safe and rescheduling for the following weekend.

Ivan Florence

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Oct. 21 and 22 was not much tamer, sure the aftershocks died down but not the swell. But at least the power was on. This time it was a go. The solid surf kept many of the younger entrants surfing the inside reforms while others went for the outside setting themselves apart from their peers.

Despite the tricky weather and surf conditions goofy foot Benji Brand made a stand against some heavy names to win the 9-10 short board division. While Kalani David surfed the outside well to secure the 7-8 boys division. One of the best in the juice was Koa Smith, Ben Aipa's pick as the next John John, Koa took the prestigious 11-12 boys division over some heavy rippers. Hottest girl in the big stuff was Alessa Quizon ripping her way to winner of the 10-12 short board division.