Mentawai Tsunami Relief Update

While the earthquake/tsunami combo that devastated parts of the Mentawai Islands may not be on the international media radar right now, the catastrophe is far from over. Once again, surfers are on the front lines providing aid, supplies, and support wherever they can.

Message from SURFER contributor Matt George:

I am currently aboard the Budydhari with my Aussie mates making things happen out here in the islands. It’s bad. I am treating the wounded every day. Entire villages erased. Mass graves, etc. We are currently delivering direct aid and providing medical care (I am an EMT and we have a doctor aboard). The devastation is biblical. This wave was BIG. Surfers are the best aid workers I know. Just yesterday we were swimming supplies in through 6-foot surf.”

Our friends over at SurfAid International also posted this video: