Rearview Mirror: The Mexican-a-no-go Surf Fiesta

Between a strong lineup of international talent, especially for a WQS 2-Star contest, a promised bikini show and an on-site beer garden, the 2006 No Fear Mexican Surf Fiesta had all the makings of a fun and suds in the Baja California sun surf contest.

Unfortunately, Mother Nature and King Neptune got together and managed to screw it all up. After poor, lake-like waves abbreviated the contest schedule for two days, all to a backdrop of grey skies and black sheets of rain, the ASP threw the towel in at the conclusion at the completion of round 64. However, to the ASP’s credit, as well as the event organizers, sponsors and most of all, the surfers themselves, everyone truly tried to make the 26th annual edition of the south of the border classic happen.

No Fear

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“We were really hoping for the best,” lamented Britt Galland, No Fear Vice President of Marketing. “We really wanted to have fun with it. Surfing has come so far and everything has gotten really professional, but come on, man, let’s have some fun once in a while. Thats really what we wanted the Mexican Surf Fiesta to be. Between the cheesy bikini contest and the on-the-beach beer garden we had set up, we wanted to bring some of that stock car fairgrounds vibe and old school surf contest backyardness back into it all and just have a laugh.”

But the rains came and the waves went and by Sunday morning, it was all over but the shouting. “It was a bummer all around,” added Galland “These kids all sacrificed their time and money and made a huge effort just to get down here. Mexico is a great place, but it is another country and it just might as well have been Spain because everyone had to deal with the cost of living down there for the weekend and pay-up for gas and food and a hotel room. And instead of having a shot at winning money or WQS points, everyone went home with 180 points and $250.”