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By now you’ve seen and heard the news about the shocking shark attack at J-Bay. It’s on just about every homepage from BBC to NBC and every surf-related publication on the planet. But since the attack, not much has been said by the man involved, Mick Fanning. Granted it’s only been a day, but we’ve all been wanting to know what’s going on in his head. This morning, Mick took to Instagram to release the image above and the following statement:

“So thankful to be able to have this hug with Julian Wilson this man came to my aid like a warrior!! It was by far the scariest thing I have ever been through and am still rattled. In our sport we always think about sharks and know we are in their domain. Many thanks to all the people that have reached out and sent their wishes. Jbay is an incredible place and I will go back one day. Thanks to the WSL announcers and water patrol for being on top of us and the care they showed us and to all my friends on tour that were by my side. Love you all.”