Most Memorable of 2010

The 10 most viewed web features of the year

2010 took a turn for the strange when Kelly Slater disrobed for ESPN and jogged through a field.

As 2010 comes to a close, we thought we would share a list of what stood out in our mission to quell your insatiable appetite for everything surf-related online. The list ranges from the earth shattering loss of a hero, to creative pranksters in Cardiff, and everything in between. Without further ado, here is SURFER's most memorable web features of 2010:

No. 1

SURFER Remembers Andy Irons

The surfing world comes together to remember the life of one of the greatest surfers of all time.

No. 2

Chuck Patterson’s Close Encounter

Big-wave surfer Chuck Patterson captures his encounter with two great whites at San Onofre with his GoPro camera.

No. 3

Bruce Accepts Andy’s Award

Watch the video of Bruce Irons emotional acceptance of his brother’s award at the 2010 SURFER Poll Awards.

No. 4 Wins Battle of the Blogs

Cyrus Sutton’s popular surf blog narrowly claims victory over Paul Fisher in the final of the inaugural Battle of the Blogs.

No. 5

Surfing with Slater

The 10-time world champ gives us a step-by-step guide to surfing exactly like him. Your results may vary.

No. 6

Stephanie Gilmore on her Fourth World Title

The 2010 women’s world champion talks to SURFER about her fourth world title and her thoughts on next year’s tour.


The 2010 SURFER Poll Winners

All the winners from the 2010 SURFER Poll Awards, plus links to photos and video from surfing’s big night.

No. 8

The “Cardiff Kook” Attacked by Great White

The bronze barney fell prey to a few clever pranksters who constructed one giant aquatic apex predator.

No. 9

Kelly Slater Disrobes for ESPN’s Body Issue

The greatest surfer of all time strips down to his birthday suit and runs through a field for ESPN Magazine.

No. 10

Central California from Above

Photographer Chris Burkard takes us on an aerial journey through Central California during a recent swell.