Your Favorite Videos of 2009

The People Have Spoken, These Are Your Favorite

Every year we take a long, reflective look at what flourished and what withered on in hopes of better serving our viewership. As we’ve come to find out, one thing we can expect from our viewers is consistency.

You want sex. You want freakishly huge waves. And more disturbingly, you want shark attacks. While we try to avoid unnecessary abuse of the latter out of respect for unnecessary fear-mongering and the universe’s inevitably karmic tendencies, there were were an abundance in emotionally-charged superlatives this year, and here’s what you decided you liked most.

Have a look and it’s easy to understand why.

Top 10 Videos of 2009

10. My Eyes Won’t Dry Three

Brian Conley gives you enough inside the tube vision for a lifetime.

9. 2009 Billabong XXL Ride of the Year Nominees

A collection of rides that will leave you in disbelief.

8. Jordy Smith’s Rodeo Flip

The Red Bull surf crew heads to the Mentawai’s and Jordy Smith pulls off a freakish air.

7. …Lost’s 5′ 5″ 19 1/4 Redux: Making Magic on Little Boards

Little, tiny surfboards can be very fun.

6. Costa Rica Pumps with Ben Bougeois and Crew

The REEF Team enjoys Costa Rican perfection.

5. Kelly Slater and Manoa Drollet Score a Heaving Tahitian Slab

During the Billabong Pro Tahiti, Kelly Slater and Manoa Drollet snuck off to find their own piece of paradise.

4. Home-Made SURFER Bikini

Nikii Swiss gets industrious and makes a bikini using SURFER Magazines.

3. Alana Blanchard Rips

Not only is she gorgeous…she can surf better than you.

2. Introducing: Matt Meola

If you didn’t know who Matt Meola was before you saw this…you do now.

1. The 100-Foot Wave Video; April Fools!

We’re sorry. We didn’t think you’d really fall for it.