Billabong Pro Mundaka Over For Today

Tuesday, October 21, 2003 at Bakio, Euskadi. Round Two began at Bakio at 3pm, and progressed to the end of Heat 8 by days end. Full RESULTS/STATS via the links at left. The NEWS link has Jesse Faen’s latest ASP release round up and the PHOTOS page has Pierre Tostee and Sarge pics.

Results of Round Two: (* = heat completed)
*H1: Kieren Perrow beat Darren O’Rafferty
*H2: Guilherme Herdy beat Damien Hobgood
*H3: Phillip MacDonald beat Peterson Rosa
*H4: Mick Fanning beat Luke Stedman
*H5: Michael Lowe beat Chris Davidson
*H6: Dean Morrison beat Armando Daltro
*H7: Paulo Moura beat Trent Munro
*H8: Kelly Slater beat Nate Yeomans
H9: Taj Burrow vs Tim Curran
H10: Kalani Robb vs Victor Ribas
H11: Luke Egan vs Flavio Padaratz
H12: Daniel Wills vs Shane Powell
H13: Joel Parkinson vs Danilo Costa
H14: Jake Paterson vs Michael Campbell
H15: Taylor Knox vs Lee Winkler
H16: Cory Lopez vs Nathan Hedge

Update One : 9am
The event has moved to nearby Bakio for the day, to finish the remaining first round heats. LIVE SCORES and RESULTS/STATS are on. Due to the remote location, LIVE VIDEOS will not be available. Click links for RESULTS/STATS, surfer profiles on the FAN CLUB page, and more.

Winners and second placed progress to Round 2, where they are reseeded, loser eliminated. (* = heat completed) *H1: Red Shea Lopez 3, white Peterson Rosa 1, Yellow Luke Stedman 2;
*H2: Red Michael Lowe 2, White Pat O’Connell 3, Yellow Danilo Costa 1;
*H3: Red Luke Egan 2, White Michael Campbell 1, Yellow Tom Whitaker 3;
*H4: Red Taylor Knox 2, White Neco Padaratz 3, Yellow Tim Curran 1;
*H5: Red Kieren Perrow 1, White Victor Ribas 2, Yellow Tiago Pires 3;
*H6: Red Mick Fanning 2, White Paulo Moura 1, Yellow Adrian Buchan 3;
*H7: Red Joel Parkinson 1, White Trent Munro 2, Yellow Sam Carrier 3;
*H8: Red Andy Irons 3, White Phillip MacDonald 1, Yellow Nate Yeomans 2;
*H9: Red Kelly Slater 1, White Jake Paterson 2, Yellow Iker Fuentes 3;
*H10: Red Taj Burrow 2, White Kalani Robb 1, Yellow Hodei Collazo 3;
*H11: Red Dean Morrison 1, White Guilherme Herdy 2, Yellow Toby Martin 3;
*H12: Red Daniel Wills 1, White Nathan Hedge 2, Yellow Fabio Gouveia 3;
*H13: Red Mark Occhilupo 3, White Shane Powell 2, Yellow Darren O’Rafferty 1;
*H14: Red Cory Lopez 2, White Armando Daltro 1, Yellow Beau Emerton 3;
*H15: Red Damien Hobgood 2, White Chris Davidson 1, Yellow Luke Hitchings 3,
*H16: Red Richard Lovett 3, White Flavio Padaratz 2, Yellow Lee Winkler 1.