My Local Lineup is Now on Cable TV with All Surf

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All Surf, All Local Show Now on Cable TV!

My Local Lineup is Now on Cable TV with All Surf, All Local Episodes Playing Everyday from Monday through Friday in all of San Diego County, Reaching 850,000 Homes Each Appearance

Mondays at 7pm (san diego county wide)
Mon-Fri at 12am (select county districts)
Cable TV, iTV San Diego, ch. 16


SAN DIEGO, CA — My Local Lineup, an action sports media company based in San Diego, has launched a new TV show all about surfing for all of San Diego County. My Local Lineup TV airs new episodes Mondays at 7:00pm and reruns Mondays through Fridays at 12:00am on iTV channel 16, Time Warner and Cox Cable. Following the My Local Lineup trademark, each show is committed to an all-inclusive and locally oriented approach, aiming at a portrayal of surfing that intimately resembles surf communities and covers everything from contests and industry to lifestyle and more. In that vein, My Local Lineup TV presents four shows: Top Turns, Drawing the Line, Caught Inside, and My Local Lineup 360.

TOP TURNS – Competition.

Top Turns will cover the contest scene and focus on the local competitive talents of the sport, whether it be shortboarding, longboarding, or stand-up. Top Turns cameramen, hosts, and hostesses will select a different surfer for each episode and will follow that surfer's performance during a particular contest, presenting his or her profile, highlighting some of his or her top rivals, and putting on the screen a heat-by-heat coverage of the surfer's showdown. And after a number of episodes and a thorough assessment of the San Diego talent, the hosts of Top Turns, assisted by different advising committees, will announce the San Diego 20 Top Turns for ten different divisions, ranging from men and women shortboard to boys and girls longboard.


Taking a break from the competition quarters, Drawing the Line will feature the local surf community through the lens of the industry, in terms of board building, movie making, and more. Through this show, My Local Lineup will introduce the people behind the end product, their miscellaneous background, surfing life, typical day, and industry work. By probing into the life of those in the industry, Drawing the Line will aim at capturing the inner workings that drive trends and shape the highly coveted lifestyle of the Southern Californian surfer.

CAUGHT INSIDE – Lifesytle.

Caught Inside will shift the angle from the industry to the lifestyle itself, by tracking the footsteps of surfers on land and by navigating through different party scenes, art galleries, movie premiers, and the like. In a three-fold approach, the show will have interviews with the organizers and artists, as well as various takes with surfers before, during, and after the event.

MY LOCAL LINEUP 360 – All Else.

Then My Local Lineup 360 will break away from the specific emphases of the other shows and tackle surfing without anyone particular focus, except to approaching surfing at any angle, at any time, and in any way. The show is thematically open (within the world of surfing, of course) and as result always carries an element of surprise, much like the dynamicism of surfing itself.

EXTRAS & EXTRAS – Promos, Updates, More.

Then, as a regular feature of Top Turns, Drawing the Line, Caught Inside, and My Local Lineup 360, there will be two extra segments toward the end of the episode, where My Local Lineup TV will make special announcements about local happenings and also give away a host of products provided by our sponsors. My Local Lineup TV will reach 850,000 homes every appearance, amounting to virtually every household in San Diego County, every day of the week from Monday through Friday. And advancing even further its reach, My Local Lineup TV will have all of its episodes online, available for a global audience. As a My Local Lineup viewer, the audience will have myriad opportunities to get involved, including winning prizes, expressing views through online polls, and sending emails with feedback, among other things. And as a My Local Lineup sponsor, businesses and event organizers can reach thousands of homes nearly every day of the week, through commercials, announcements, and give away sponsorships.

About My Local Lineup

My Local Lineup is an action sports media company based in San Diego, whose trademark is its all-inclusive and locally oriented approach to surfing. By covering every surf modality and accounting for the social dynamics of surfers, the company aims at presenting a portrait of the sport that intimately resembles lineups and surf communities. My Local Lineup is Online at and on TV on iTV channel 16 in all of San Diego County.

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