The five submissions that inspired us the most

When flipping through The Greatest Rides of All Time list in this year’s Big Issue, nostalgic memories of your personal greatest rides quickly come to mind. This strong, unique connection was the inspiration for #MyGreatestRide, where we reached out to our social media followers to share an image relating to their own greatest ride. The submissions ranged from ankle-slapping shorebreak to adventures halfway around the globe, but in one way or another they all represented great rides.

Here are the five submissions that we found the most inspiring:

Bjorn Hazelquist’s submission represents both the darker and brighter sides of one wave’s ability to change your life. On the wave after this one, he was smashed into the sand and suffered a severe spinal cord injury that left him bedridden, legally blind, and nearly dead. Hazelquist has embarked on a slow recovery and years later is finally surfing again.

Dan Halto was scoring epic G-Land last year when he had a hunch that a coming swell would be perfect for a different, secret spot in Lombok. His gamble paid off and he scored even better waves, like this one.

Peter Soderin, a teacher in Orange County, has been traveling to this south swell spot for years and not much has changed. Occasionally, he runs into another group of dedicated adventurers, but his group usually scores it to themselves. Exhausted from his two earlier sessions, Soderin paddled back out for a third time to catch "just one more,” which happened to be this wave.

Andres Merola lives in Venezuela, but travels every chance he can to score better waves. Earlier this year, he went to Central America and found himself on the best waves of his life (this one included).

Cody Doucette's job as an adventure and documentary photographer allows him to travel quite a bit. This photo of him scoring in the Mentawais is a constant source of daydreams when he’s stuck in areas with no waves.

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