At 5 pm PST, on Thursday, July 22, Marine Layer Productions v. Anastasia Ashley appeared to have ended at a dead tie–but after looking at the total number of votes, it was Dane just barely taking the win by 12 votes. Anastasia put up a good fight, but in the end it was Dane coming out on top and getting one step closer to the title.

What started out as a close race, ended in a landslide victory for surfing's debauchery ringleader, Paul Fisher. Follow The Fish finished strong against Swaylocks, getting 57 percent of the votes, while making a powerful statement that "The Fish" is here to party and isn't going home empty handed.

It looks like the Gudauskas brothers' run has come to an end a little prematurely, losing to Korduroy 53 percent to 47 percent. Korduroy's run won't get any easier, as they're now going against probably the coolest surfer alive, Dane Reynolds.

Winning by the largest margin in the quarterfinals, Surfy Surfy silently showed Dooma's Rumors that TMZ-like blogging has no place in surfing. Surfy Surfy was able to get 64 percent of the votes to send Dooma packing and looking for the next rumor to break.

Next Monday marks the start date of the semifinals and brings us one round closer to crowning a champion.

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