Did you think Nazaré’s Praia do Norte was all 50-foot, clashing, gnarled peaks? Not at all. On mortal-ish swells, Praia do Norte is a wonderland of heaving, spitting beachbreak barrels. For years, bodyboarders competed in annual tuberiding contests at the break they’d long dominated, but for the past half decade or so, standup surfers have had their own specialty event at Praia do Norte—the Perfect Chapter contest.

The waiting period for this year’s event started this week, and runs through November 23rd. The contenders get 72 hours notice of primo conditions, before they must pack their bags and head to charming Nazaré, hoping for thrilling barrels, rather than the hellish, demented teepees the surf world mostly thinks of when it thinks of Nazaré.

With big, throaty tubes breaking close to the beach, beautiful dark-turquoise water, and the cliffs of Nazaré rising just behind the break, Praia do Norte is about as perfect a contest location as you could pick. Aritz Aranburu won the event last year in pristine, 8-foot conditions.

Check out the highlights from last year:

Here’s the competitor list:

Alex Bothelo, Alex Gray, Antonio Silva, Anthony Walsh, Aritz Aranburu, Bruno Grilo, Bruno Santos, Cory Lopez, Joao Guedes, Kiron Jabour, Miguel Blanco, Nathan Florence, Nic von Rupp, Pedro Boonman, Pedro "Scooby" Viana and Tiago Pires.