Never a Lay Day at SURFER [The Bar]

The SURFER Bar is Live

Surfer The Bar Grand Opening Party. Photo: Kelli Bullock

The North Shore has a new watering hole, and SURFER Magazine is proud to have its name on it. Located on site at the Turtle Bay Resort on Oahu, SURFER [The Bar] is a mixed-media hub primed to feature all the action of the Hawaiian winter.

Webcasts of the Vans Triple Crown will be live, concerts will be held, sponsored parties will be thrown, and more. The month of December has a full slate of offerings, including the Talk Story Surf Series, where legendary watermen and artists will tell their stories.

Upcoming Talk Story features include watermen Mark Healey, photographer Steve Sherman, Simon Anderson, and photographer Peter 'Joli' Wilson. The $5 cover charge for each event will be fully directed to a non-profit of each speaker's choosing.

Humans, enjoying the adult beverages: Stephen Koehne, Sean Moody, Aamion Goodwin, and Mark Healey. Photo: Kelli Bullock

On Dec. 2-4 the North Shore Surf Film Festival will showcase more than 20 films over three days, along with performances by Donovan Frankenreiter, Ukulele grom-sensation Aidan Powell and local John Cruz. Funds from this event will also go to support local nonprofits.

The bar is a place for North Shore surf legends and fans to gather, where friends and family alike can live the experience of a waterman day and night through the rich, intertwined histories of Hawaii and SURFER Magazine.

Also worth mentioning, there's booze there too.

Come enjoy the SURFER nostalgia. Photo: Kelli Bullock

The museum/gallery/venue/restaurant/nightclub hybrid is open and pumping. See the full schedule below:

SURFER [The Bar] Winter Schedule

Nov. 30 Talk Story: the Mark Healey experience
Dec. 1 Fox Mini Moto & Surf Invitational Welcome Party
Dec. 2-4 North Shore Surf Film Festival
Dec. 5 Matt Costa Concert
Dec. 6 Billabong Pipe Masters Press Conference
Dec. 7 Talk Story: Steve Sherman's tribute to Kelly
Dec. 10 Wave Jet Party featuring Garrett McNamara
Dec. 14 Talk Story: Thrust, the Simon Anderson story
Dec. 21 Talk Story: Photographer Peter 'Joli' Wilson

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