Something’s Different…WTF!?

Introducing the new

Where were you when the new went live? We are here. Photo: Ellis

Something's different. How observant of you. Yes, something has changed. Looks good doesn't it? No, it looks great.

Simplified. Cleaner. Easier to navigate. What's not to like? Ok, so we may be biased because we've been slaving for months to get this site ready for you. Sure, there may be some bugs, but truth be told, the old site had bugs and it was live in all it's anxiety-inducing glory for over two years.

So enjoy the new (and dare I say, improved) and if you find a bug, please report it to the new guy, Todd (, who's existing on a diet of caffeine and html—he'll make it right.

Now, off you go, shoo shoo, go check out the site. May I suggest you begin with Shea Lopez's Pipe Masters preview or Chris Burkard's California gallery from the air? It'll have you pining for days when waves actually broke along the California coastline. Otherwise, prepare for that distant swell by reading Greg Long's survival tips.

And don't forget to watch the Surfer Poll on Monday exclusively at We'll have all the highlights for you here on Tuesday.

Brendon Thomas