Nakoa Decoite greets the storm with a WaveStorm. Photo: Aeder

New Yorker Approved: The Wavestorm

America's finest high-brow mag takes on low-brow surfboard

I think Wavestorms suck. I don’t have a problem with their existence, I just think they surf like crap. My Catchsurf foamies (I own two) are far better. Or it seems that way. For all I know, they get pumped out of the same factory, but I love me some Catchsurf, hate me some Wavestorms.

But not the New Yorker.

They were intrigued enough by what they call “The Cult of the Costco Surfboard” to actually cover something as arcane as the not-entirely-real beef between foamie riders and fiberglass shredders. As usual, there’s something fascinating about great literary pubs taking a swing into our strange little corner of culture. It’s thrilling even to see Matt Warshaw’s name and the SURFER mag comment section referenced in the magazine I read every week to keep my brain and reading chops chugging along at near grad-school levels.

Have a look at the piece here. It’s short-ish, sweet, and features Shawn Dollar popping bubbly, taking a deep swig, and then competing in a Wavestorm-only “contest” in Santa Cruz. That sounds like lots of fun. As is riding a foamie. Remember fun? It’s why we do this.