The Child is Angry!

El Nino, the freaky weather phenomena which puts most of the world on edge, but has surfers licking their chops, has all but arrived according to an LA Times news brief.

The unruly weather event, notorious for wreaking havoc-from floods to droughts to high surf-was blamed for a series of vicious storms in Chile last week. According to the LA Times brief, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) might declare the weather event “official” as soon as July.

While the rest of the world rushes to the hardware store for nails, plywood and rubber boots, surfers the world over are rushing to their local surfshop to purchase an extra foot or two of fiberglass.

El Nino 2002 has already caught the attention of Billabong Odyssey event organizers, who are gearing up for an epic winter season, and are dreamily alluding to the possibility of someone ridding a 100-wave this winter. While we’ll take a “wait and see” approach to that possibility, the likelihood of an epic winter isn’t a stretch of the imagination. The storm activity in the Southern Hemisphere has been intense, with storm after powerful storm marching through the Southern and Indian Oceans with the timeliness of a commuter train. Those of us in the north should be ready–and amped.

Scott Bass