NIXON HIGH TIDE HOLD 'EM: Let The Games Begin!

For all of us sporting a ridiculously pasty coat of skin and stuck groveling over the inside scraps at Salt Creek, things may seem a little, well, bleak. But what are you gonna do about it? You could always quit your job, sell your stuff, and jump on a plane to…let's say Tavarua with a bunch of your mates where you'd surf yourself silly, drink yourself stupid, and basically just rage for an entire week. Sounds pretty good, eh? Well, that's exactly what is in store for a lucky group of top-notch athletes for the Nixon High Tide Hold 'Em as Nixon is once again invading the island of Tavarua.

Click here to watch video from last year’s event.

The invitation-only event, taking place February 15 to 22, gives competitors the opportunity to showcase some of their lesser-known skills in a series of challenges that make good use of all the activities Tavarua has to offer. When they're not freesurfing Cloudbreak or Restaurants, invitees will be competing in everything from poker, ping-pong, and Guitar Hero to spear fishing and two separate surf challenges. Maui's Cheyne Magnusson seems pretty pumped to get a couple good waves and kill a few animals. "I'm psyched to be going to Tavarua for the first time. I can't wait to get barreled and shoot a fish in the face." Ricky Whitlock echoed Magnussen's frothy sentiments: "I'm freaking out."

"After last year's success at the inaugural event, we have been working like crazy with the staff on the island to make this year even better," explains Nixon's Sports Marketing Manager Brandon Lillard. "Then again, we will be on Tavarua, and if you can't have fun there you probably can't have fun anywhere. We have a few veterans from last year with a solid new crew, so I am excited to see how it all goes down."

"I'm super psyched to go, the crew is sick and I'm going to give it my all to win." Upbeat words coming from the mouth Dylan Graves. But then again, why wouldn't he be upbeat? You've got perfect waves, lots of friends, and tons of fun stuff to do. Sounds like a match made in…err…Tavarua.

Confirmed attendees for this year's event include: Romain DeMarchi, Hana Beaman, Claire Bevilacqua, Cheyne Magnusson, Joel Tudor, Dave Rastovich, Dusty Payne, Mike Escamilla, CJ Kanuha, Dylan Graves, Mike Gleason, Lyn-z Adams Hawkins, Leilani Gryde, Casey Brown, Ricky Whitlock, Joy Bryant, and Zach Miller. Last year's winner, Aamion Goodwin, will return to defend his High Tide Hold 'Em title.

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