Picture a luxury boat trip to a wave-rich coastline. Every day you wake up to a new surf spot, your boat parked just off the break, the savory smell of breakfast wafting into your cabin, the knowledge that lunch will be waiting when you get back from stuffing yourself silly into barrels. Your only responsibility is to selfishly surf, surf, surf. Everything else is taken care of by a gracious, capable captain.

Now imagine that boat is a truck. A truck puttering around the arid coastlines of Morocco and Portugal, poking into nooks and crannies, gamely and luxuriously transporting you to the best breaks those exotic coastlines can offer.

You’ve just imagined something like the Truck Surf Hotel.

A hallway. In a truck. Huh.

A really big truck, a six-wheeled Mercedes Actros, with expandable walls will be your chariot/hotel. There is, somehow, a living room on board. This truck, bigger than my San Francisco apartment, as far as I can tell, has five rooms. Four shared bedrooms and one private suite. There’s a kitchen and a freaking veranda with bean bags, even though this is just a truck.

Coffee, anyone?

In summer, the truck bounces through Portugal; in winter, Morocco.

What do you think? A luxe overland surf trip tickle your fancy? Or do you prefer to put in the hard miles yourself?