Nothing like pricing a plane ticket to a far-flung surf destination then remembering, oh, right, add an extra couple hundred bucks in board bag fees. Then there’s the very fun mental calculus of whether this is an airline that counts boards or just bags, so you decide to cram three boards into one bag, they all break, it’s awful, why do we fly with surfboards anyway?

Well, starting today, October 5, if you’re flying from or into California, and you fly on United Airlines, kiss board bag fees goodbye. Or, maybe kick them out of an open window. That’s probably more appropriate.

United has made a pretty serious move toward sustainability and eco-friendly business in recent years, well, at least as much as they can for an industry that belches tons of pollution into the atmosphere on the daily. But they’re making big inroads into curbing that, by using bio-based aviation fuels, for starters.

With California naming surfing as an official state sport, United wanted in on some of that good will. They partnered with Sustainable Surf to see how they could help all of us ocean lovers out. Boom, no more board bag fees.

Think of it as a little reward to California for leading the way in the sustainability discussion.

"California made it official: surfing is our state sport,” said Janet Lamkin, United’s California president. “We want to make it easier for customers to surf our beautiful beaches, whether they're visiting or call the Golden State home. This partnership continues our commitment to the environment by supporting an organization like Sustainable Surf, which helps keep our beaches beautiful."

United has reportedly kicked in some financial support to Sustainable Surf to keep their ocean-friendly programs running, so they’re putting their money where their mouth is.

And even if sustainability doesn’t get your heart fluttering, NO MORE BOARD BAG FEES!