Landlocked surfers of America, your time has come! North America’s first official “surf park” (that’s Nland’s term, mind you) will open this Friday, October 7, in Austin, Texas. Start waxing sticks and get ready to shred, Nland Surf Park is set to make its public debut.

Back in July, the Nland Surf Park got slapped with a lawsuit in which Travis County, representing the city of Austin, stated that the park did not meet health and safety requirements that apply to public pools under state law, setting back the park’s ribbon-cutting ceremony.

Today’s announcement comes after county and state officials have reached an agreement with Nland about how to regulate the surf lagoon:

NLand has built a state-of-the-art water treatment system that utilizes bio-filtration, permanent media filtration, ozone and chlorine to treat the water. Independent testing shows the water quality meets or exceeds standards set by organizations such as the World Health Organization and the Environmental Protection Agency. The lagoon is 100% self-sustaining, using a system that captures water from the property.

With this issue in the past and any worry about public safety curbed, the only question left is: are you ready to shred, Texas?

Nland Surf Park - Austin, Texas

Nland Surf Park will feature the latest WaveGarden technology, offering waves for surfers of all levels. For experts, there’s a head-high, open-face wave with a 35-second ride; for enthusiasts, there’s a challenging two-footer; and for kids and beginners, there’s gentle rollers. The park will also host a surf shop where you can pick up all the latest gear, with surfboards by Channel Island and …Lost and all the newest surf accessories.

Doug Coors, NLand's founder, states, “As a surfer and an engineer, NLand has been a dream of mine for the past 20 years. We have had our share of challenges, but they are behind us and I look forward to sharing our waves with the world.”

Now it’s only a matter of time until the real Rick Kane stands up, right?