Ever wonder what a typical day looks like for the media working the North Shore beat in peak season? In the rare case that you answered “yes” – I’ll lay down a typical to-do list.

1. Arrange for the delivery of donuts to the SURFING house.

2. Pick up coworker from HNL Airport.

3. Lie to said coworker and tell him that, yes, his hair always looks way better fashioned in a mini fro.

4. Check out the Anti-Canvas Art Show presented by Hurley and Contrast Magazine this Friday. Sure to be a rager!

5 Plug Anti-Canvas Art Show Presented by Hurley and Contrast Magazine. (I’m serious here, go to this. The boys at Contrast / Hurley really do rage.)

5. Attend opening ceremony for the Eddie Aikau. Sift through groupies and plan on parking way the hell out of the way.

6. Go to soccer match/kickball session at Sunset Elementary. (Note to self: The Aussies will be out in force. They cuss a f–kin s–t load and in general are pretty funny…but still not okay to repeat the C word…ever…unless you have an Aussie accent.)

7. Write synopsis of Eddie Contest. Submit it.

8. Poke.

9. Do it all over again tomorrow.