On Monday, it was reported that Kelly Slater injured his foot while surfing Cloudbreak and that the injury could affect his ability to compete at Pipe. According to Coastal Watch, the injury came while Slater was filming a Virtual Reality clip for a Taylor Steele project (see the camera gear above). Quickly, the surf media swarmed and the gossip wire was in full effect.

However, according to Kelly, he’s still poised for a world title showdown at Pipe. In classic form and in response to the rapidly growing rumors that he was out of the world title race, he posted the following response: "I heard that's a rumor. #NotTrue on the title race but foot is hurt."

This isn’t the first time that Kelly’s played the injury card in recent history. In 2011, he won Bells despite having a chipped bone in his right foot. In an interview with the ASP earlier this year, Kelly was adamant that he’s had back and hip pain this season, but that it hasn’t hindered his ability to compete. This past summer, he pulled out of the U.S. Open citing a shoulder injury.

Certainly, more than a few cynics and World Tour fans will raise an eyebrow at this news, as Slater’s renowned for his ability to get inside his competition’s head. As it stands now, while Kelly’s been clear that this latest development will not shake up the title race, it’s certainly made it that much more interesting.