9’4″ x 22.75″ x 2.9″

"I worked with shaper Matt Calvani on this board, which eventually became the first women's pro model in the Bing line," says talented San Diego slider Mele Saili about her enviable black-paneled log. "A lot of California boards are really wide in the nose to compensate for noseriding, but if you know where to be on the wave you don't really need that much nose. I wanted something that could fit in the pocket in a variety of waves, but could still noseride. It's got a little lower volume than most noseriders and is a bit narrower—so it can fit into the steeper part of the wave but can still ride like a longboard.

[This feature originally appeared in SURFER Magazine Volume 59, Issue 3]

Check out Saili putting the board to use in the edit below.