8’0” x 20 3/4”

"I'd been riding a lot of twin-fin eggs in smaller waves in the summer, but I wanted to make a bigger one for Blacks in the winter,” says renowned San Diego shaper Jeff McCallum. “So I was already planning on making an 8’0” round-tail egg, but before I did, my dog, Kimbo, passed away when I was out of town and my wife ended up getting him cremated and keeping his ashes. I didn't really know what to do with them at first, but then I was talking to Alex [renowned glasser Alex Villalobos, aka Superwolf ] and we thought it would be cool to put his ashes in a board somehow. We ended up using some of his ashes as the pin line. The board turned out great, and I've been surfing it at Blacks a lot, just having a ton of fun figuring it out. It is a twin fin, so the other day I had one wave where I hit a little bump and it just spun out, so it does take a little getting used to, but the freedom of not having the drag of a center fin, it's just really fast and loose. I'm kind of sold on twin-fin round tails. I made this one for bigger days, but because this is Kimbo's board, I'm just gonna ride it all winter no matter what."

For more on McCallum and his shaping philosophy, watch his full episode of “In The Shaping Bay” here.

[This edition of “And Now a Gorgeous Surfboard” was originally published in SURFER Magazine Volume 60, Issue 1. Subscribe to SURFER Magazine here.]