This is a press release we sent our today, just wanted to share it with readers of the Office Blog…

SURFER Magazine, like the sport it represents, is constantly evolving, pushing the boundaries and striving to continue to provide its readers with the best surf journalism, photography and overall media experience possible. One key element to SURFER's success has always been the wealth of creative minds behind the magazine; this still rings true today and as such SURFER is proud to welcome the next generation of creative talent: photographers Zak Noyle and Chris Burkard and journalist Aaron Carrera to the team.

"For half a century, SURFER Magazine has been a place where young, creative talents publish their seminal (and, arguably, most important) work. Guys like Art Brewer, Jeff Divine, Matt Warshaw, David Carson, Tom Servais, Ron Stoner, Rick Griffin, and countless others," says SURFER Magazine Editor in Chief Joel Patterson. "As the leader of a media company with that kind of depth of talent and tradition, part of my role is to continuously search for and employ the next generation of iconic photographers, writers, editors, and artists. So I'm really excited to announce that, with Zak, Chris, and Aaron, we've got three 24-year-olds who will be part of not just SURFER's future, but of the future of surfing, period."

Zak Noyle, a graduate of the Punahou School in Hawaii, lives on the North Shore of Oahu during the winter and in Los Angeles during the summer. "With Scott Aichner no longer contributing regularly to the magazine, SURFER had been missing that all-important link to the winter Pipeline line up for the past year," adds Joel. "Zak will help us reestablish our spot there. But he's far more than just a water photographer, and we're excited to be part of his growth as an artist."

Zak has been shooting professionally for four years and his work has been featured in Transworld SURF, Heavy Water and Freesurf Magazines among other notable publications, advertisements, books, galleries, etc.; he is eager to add SURFER to his repertoire. "SURFER Magazine is the bible of all surf magazines worldwide," says Zak. "Everyone knows it, and everyone loves it. To be a part of such a rich and powerful history is something I consider a great honor."

Chris Burkard shares in those sentiments. "SURFER Magazine is the reason I wanted to become a photographer," admits Chris. "I remember being a grom and finding a copy in the parking lot of the Pismo Pier—I was totally inspired by the photos, and still am today. Becoming a Staff Photographer at SURFER is the greatest honor you can receive in the ranks of surf photography, and achieving it has been a goal of mine since I started shooting."

Chris is a California native who exploded onto the surf photography scene in 2006 when he won the inaugural Follow The Light grant in honor of legendary surf photographer Larry "Flame" Moore. He began his career as an intern at Transworld SURF, then went to work as a staff photographer for Surfline and has since contributed to just about every surf magazine on the planet. "It's hard to believe that Chris is only 24, because he's already shot several images that I consider iconic," comments Joel. "His images have a depth and texture uncommon for someone so young. I'm really excited about what he's going to produce for SURFER readers."

Rounding out SURFER's next-gen trio is journalist Aaron Carrera. Aaron hails from the East Side of Santa Cruz, California where he nurtured his talents as both a writer and competitive surfer. "We had a lot of great applicants for the open Assistant Editor job," says Joel. "But Aaron's enthusiasm is what set him apart from the pack. It really seemed like he understood SURFER's mission and unique set of challenges. Plus, I'm excited to have a Northern California perspective in the magazine again, and I'm looking for big things from him in coming years."

Joel isn't the only one with big plans for the Assistant Editor position; Aaron has a few of his own: "I want to challenge the readers to think in new ways. Right now surfing is at a major crossroads. We're seeing progression in ways never before imaginable, and the majority of it’s coming from surfers who can’t even legally buy a beer. There is a story to be told here, and I look forward to telling that story."

One thing is for sure, SURFER readers can expect to see the influence of Zak Noyle, Chris Burkard and Aaron Carrera in the mag, on the web and even in the water as SURFER ushers in the next generation of creative talent with open arms