NSL 2nd Season Ramps Up For Big Time

After being greeted with overwhelming success during its 2004 inaugural tour, The National Surf League is proud to announce the launch of the second season of the California Cup. Debuting the week of April 6th through the 10th in Santa Cruz, and touring the California coast for six consecutive weeks until the championships in Huntington on May 11th through the 15th, the team from Orange County is anticipating a heated defense of last year's Title.

The recipe for the NSL's success will remain similar to last year's. Competing in four "home" and four "away" games, each team consists of 20 competitors (8 starters, 4 substitutes and 8 second-string), with head, assistant and in-water coaches. Eight players per team count their two highest scores. One score in the first half and one score in the second. The team with the highest cumulative score after four quarters wins "The Game."

While the format stays the same, this year each team will debut its own team name and icon. The current roster of NSL teams includes: Santa Cruz Stormriders, Ventura Pelicanos, Los Angeles Arc Angels, San Diego Sea Lions, and defending 2004 California Cup Champions, Orange County Octopus. Team members consist of the top 100 professional and amateur surfers in California. Participants include: Taylor Knox, Rob Machado, Tim Curran, Tom Curren, Timmy Reyes, Dane Reynolds, Chris Ward and Bobby Martinez, among many others.

After nearly missing out on the Cup in 2004, San Diego Sea Lion Team Member Rob Machado remarked, "I've been looking forward to the Quiksilver California Cup all winter. Last season I didn't know more than half of the SD surfers, but now we've built personal relationships and we feel the unity as a team. We're not going to settle for second place this year – we're fired up."

With the addition of Quiksilver as a Title Sponsor, and a continual increase in enthusiasm and support from the surfing public that helped make the trash-talking tour that characterized last year's California Cup such a success, the California Cup is back in action. A toll-free line has been established to provide information on the Game Week schedule. Media and fans can call 1-877-423-1803 or go to www.nslgame.com for up-to-date scores and news.

2005 Quiksilver California Cup dates

Santa Cruz, April 6-10, Steamer Lane
Game 1: SC vs OC
Game 2: SC vs VC
Game 3: SC vs LA
Game 4: SC vs SD

Los Angeles, April 13-17, Leo Carillo State Beach
Game 1: LA vs SC
Game 2: LA vs OC
Game 3: LA vs VC
Game 4: LA vs SD

San Diego, April 20-24, Oceanside Pier
Game 1: SD vs LA
Game 2: SD vs SC
Game 3: SD vs VC
Game 4: SD vs OC

Ventura, May 4-8, C Street
Game 1: VC vs SD
Game 2: VC vs LA
Game 3: VC vs OC
Game 4: VC vs SC

Orange County, May 11-15, Huntington Beach
Game 1: OC vs SC
Game 2: OC vs LA
Game 3: OC vs SD
Game 4: OC vs VC