ONE CALIFORNIA DAY Premiere Hits San Diego

A crowd of nearly 400 eager-eyed surfers lined the streets of San Diego in front of La Paloma Theatre on Friday night. An ocean-drawn buzz circulated through the air, and the audience anticipated another adventure in silver screen stoke. It was just another California night, or should I say One California Day?

One California Day, a Build Worldwide Production directed by Mark Jeremias and Jason Baffa made its San Diego premiere at the historic surf theatre to a full house.

“It’s gone great,” said Director Mark Jeremias. “Both premiere’s sold out to packed houses and everyone had kind words to say about the film, so we’re stoked.”

The film profiles seven Californian surfers who represent the multifaceted identity of the state’s surf culture. Ranging from Joel Tudor’s timeless style in San Diego to Jimmy Gamboa’s barely tolerable starlit surf scene in Malibu all the way to an aged reverence in Northern California with Greg Noll, One California Day presents a time capsule of the sport through the eyes of these surfers. While some might view the climate of surfing in California as a confused, discombobulated jumble relegated to the superficialities of the industry, One California Day proves that the sport’s roots run deep and live on healthily today.

Highlighted by Alex Knost’s unconventional stylings and Chris Malloy’s trip to Baja, the film offers a barrage of great Californian surf footage. The profile even reaches a comical level as Jimmy Gamboa sarcastically parodies his home (and the home of stars) in Malibu. “I want to meet everybody. And I won’t be happy until I meet them all,” Gamboa kids.

If there was one precarious element of the film, it was length. Running at an hour and a half, OCD breaks the quick fix, punk rock, pump-up surf flick genre, and delves into feature film, documentary territory. The later stories from the shaping bay grow a bit redundant and in turn the surfers’ connecting thread wears a bit thin. As a result, the feature is ripe and ready to conclude by the hour and a half mark.

Regardless of the length, the film’s aesthetics truly paint California as a beautiful, wave-rich place, and the crowd appreciated as much. The audience left the theatre satisfied, and a surfboard giveaway courtesy of Patagonia didn’t hurt either. Day couldn't break quick enough on Saturday morning, because if one takeaway emanated from the theatre it was to get out in the water and keep enjoying these summer California days.

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