There are a few telltale signs that the seasons have officially turned on the North Shore. There are the droves of rental cars parading through Kam Highway with their morbidly swollen boardbags in tow, the bike path is littered with a Who's Who in surfing, and reportedly, there's a house full of Reef Girls posted up at an undisclosed location. Like we said, it's clearly high season on the North Shore. With this week marking the opening day of the Triple Crown we thought we'd set you wise to a few happenings you should take note of.

A promising northwest swell is forecast to hit the islands beginning on Sunday and there's a solid chance we could see action commence at the Reef Hawaiian Pro at Haleiwa very soon. This year, the Triple Crown is toting a $1 million prize purse, so you can bet that competition is going to be fierce to say the least. Further, with the implementation of the new One World Rankings system, it's never been more vital for competitors looking to break into the Big Leagues than at this ASP PRIME event.

If you're having a lonely Saturday, the new Miss Reef in all her long-legged and scantily clad glory is set to be crowned tomorrow at 3:30 pm HI time. The event can be viewed live at VansTripleCrownof If you’re wife asks, you can just say you were watching the webcast.

Feeling a bit nostalgic for some old-school rivalries? Sunny Garcia, Tom Carroll, Tom Curren, and Occy are all set to compete in the Clash of the Legends event set within the Reef Hawaiian Pro. There's $20K on the line and all the bragging rights that these guys can handle. Trust us, these guys still got it.