High action OP PRO 2001 video clips.

Check these Quicktime vids of Occy, CJ Hobgood, Andy Irons, Bruce Irons, Tim Curran and Shane Dorian. Plus, a very deep tube ride at Macaroni’s by Serena Brooke. For the complete OP PRO 2001 story check out the OP Pro DVD by clicking here and subscribe to Surfer magazine by clicking here


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VIDEO #1–2.5MB
Shane Dorian Can’t Believe It

VIDEO #2–2.3MB
Dorian Goes Casual

VIDEO #3–2.5MB
Serena Brooke Gets Tapped In

VIDEO #4–3.9MB
Occy And Dorian Exchange Pleasantries

VIDEO #5–2.4MB
Occy Gets Air In Finals

VIDEO #6–2.3MB
CJ Hobgood, Barrel Master

VIDEO #7–2.3MB
CJ, And We Have A Winner!

VIDEO #8–2.3MB
Andy Irons Rips It Up

VIDEO #9–2.1MB
Andy Irons, Again, Let’s Reiterate, He Rips It Up

VIDEO #10–4.7MB
Shane And CJ Explode

VIDEO #11–3.4MB
Occy, Power Monger

VIDEO #12–2.1MB
Occster Charges It In The Ments