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The Pacific Northwest is Getting A Wave Park

Put an artificial wave on it

It wasn't long ago that riding waves in the frigid Pacific Northwest seemed a novel endeavor. But the days of surfers, clad head-to-toe in neoprene, navigating some perilous-looking, Great White-infested, craggy headland-adjacent lineup with nary another wave-rider around save for some cranky logger (the wood-cutting kind, not the longboarding type), are over.

Once just a region for the truly committed, or occasional venue for wetsuit R&D, the eerie lineups of our nation's hippest, granola-loving-est region are now home to the country’s most popular surf boom. Surf schools and shops have proliferated across the region. The area has become so surf-crazed, in fact, it now exports some of the world's best surf rock. Even reporters at Portland's famed alt-weekly, Willamette Week, are keeping tabs on the emerging PNW surf craze.

But just as the surf world has grown accustomed to the fact that, yes, people do surf up there, it seems PNW surfers are no longer content with the area's smattering of beachies and mysto-points. According to Willamette Week, surfers in Issaquah, WA, and adjacent areas will soon have a wave pool to enjoy, as well.

The proposed CitySurf Seattle will feature a 32-foot wide pool, with a deep-water, standing wave called the Rogue Wave–which, from the video posted on the park's website, looks very much like the technology employed by Mission Beach's Wavehouse–as well as a fast-casual restaurant and bar.

The project is still in the permitting phase, but the founders are currently eyeing a Summer 2018 grand opening, according to WW. And with CitySurf located about a half an hour from Seattle and roughly three hours from Portland–within striking distance for many of the region's growing population of surfers–there could soon be more hooded-heads in the water in the PNW.

"Nothing can replace the organic experience of being on a board in the ocean," CitySurf cofounder Trish Hoss told WW. “For some, this is enough, but others might be inspired to adventure out to the coast and try surfing or rent a board during their next beach vacation.”