GHOST SHIP ON FIRE: Taiwanese Fishing Vessel Set Ablaze At Padang Padang

Adding to the peculiar nature of the ghost ship run aground at Padang Padang, yesterday morning saw puffs of smoke, flames, and ash billowing from the guts of the eyesore’s swollen steel. Much to the surprise of locals and ROLE Foundation members (the most outspoken activists involved in relieving the accident in an environmentally friendly manner), the ship’s presumed owners decided to dispose of the waste by incinerating it.

View photos of the wreck and its clean up efforts.

The following is a first hand account logged on the ROLE Foundation’s website,

"Reports came in from Padang Padang that the wreck was on fire. Tim Russo raced over there to find the Chief standing there [to] oversee operations. The huge volume of toxic smoke was heading out to sea and over to Java. It was hard to see in the fading light. The wreck was ablaze.

Around 9 PM: Three truck loads of goodies went past the observation point and were on their way to Benoa harbor. We will get to the wreck site early in the morning to inspect the environmental impact of the blaze, and start the clean up.

We presume they will not be finished scavenging, or whatever you call it, so the clean up may take some time.

This is just one example of what pressures; the people of Bali are under. All this Environmental Damage/Disaster can go on, right under everybody’s nose and we/they are powerless to do anything." will keep you updated on the situation as more information becomes available.