Mick Fanning and Photographer Corey Wilson Made A Book Together

Mick Fanning and Corey Wilson's New Book

Mick Fanning and Corey Wilson first met while staying together at the Rip Curl house on Oahu in 2012. At the time, Fanning was a two-time world champion. Wilson, an upstart photographer from Santa Cruz. Over the course of six weeks the[...]

Our Choking Oceans

Our Choking Oceans

At several points in the earth’s past the oceans have given up their oxygen and borne witness to massive die-offs of marine creatures--extinction-level events--that forever changed the composition of marine life. These episodes o[...]

Wisdom: Tom Carroll

Life Lessons from Tom Carroll

We choose our role models based on our inspiration. My first role model in surfing was Col Smith from Narrabeen. He was a brilliant goofyfooter, just a super-radical surfer. He never used to drink, he wasn't a big party guy, but he was[...]

Best Surf Colleges, No. 2: University of California Santa Cruz

Best Surf Colleges, No. 2: UC Santa Cruz

The pursuit of a college degree may not seem like the most practical way to chase surf, binding yourself to one location for an extended period of time and saddling yourself with tens of thousands of dollars in student loan debt just t[...]